Cosmetic injection in the female lips Approved by the US FDA, Juvéderm® XC is a superior filler that gives you a natural beauty lift, smoothening away moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds such as laugh lines and drooping lip corners. A simple, 30 minute non-surgical service, Juvéderm® XC rejuvenates your face to look naturally fresh and young.


The result is instantaneous! Almost immediately you will be able to see smoother, firmer and younger-looking skin.


While there may be mild redness, it subsides within hours. Normally a single treatment of Juvéderm® XC lasts for as long as a year.


Juvéderm® XC is approved by the US FDA. It contains Hyaluronic Acid, which is a hydrating substance found naturally in our skin. While the hyaluronic acid helps in adding new volume under the surface of the skin, it also binds well with collagen, the material that supports facial skin. While Juvéderm® XC prime use is removing ‘smile lines’, it is also used as a lip augmentation agent, and to fill in hollow places and scars on the face.
Juvéderm® XC is the only dermal filler in India that has an anaesthetic agent that provides you with a very comfortable experience during and after the service.