Light Rejuvenation (oxyfacial)


Light Rejuvenation A very effective FDA approved non-invasive skin rejuvenator – red and blue light therapy may just be the skin care you need. These tiny pulses of light emit powerful therapeutic benefits and help the skin cells grow 150-200% faster thus stimulating production of new collagen and elastin fibers enhancing skin vitality, tone and texture. Red Light is used for rejuvenation and Blue Light for acne control. It is NO TOUCH NO FUSS therapy. LED light therapy is also effective for anti-ageing treatments, acne scar treatments, stretch marks and cellulite reduction.


While the initial effect is clearer, brighter and tighter feeling skin, long term effects are improved skin clarity, tone and texture and reduction in fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles. Number of sittings would have to be decided by the dermatologist.


The treatment is pain-free with almost no recovery time. A maintenance program is recommended to preserve the results.