Dermaglow Facials


PIC-13This treatment is unique to Delhi Skin Centre wherein we study your skin requirements and customise the facial treatment as per your needs. We offer Acne facials, Hydrating facials, Glow facials, Rejuvenating facials, Lightening Facial and Anti-ageing facials. Customised facials are done as a combination of the above or as a combination of various treatments e.g. microdermabrasion, light rejuvenation, crystal sparkling treatment, radiant peels to suit your skin requirements.


A typical facial would include a light and hydrating lactic peel, followed by a French aloe vera massage with an infusion of anti-oxidants, red light rejuvenation, microdermabrasion and crystal sparkling treatment.

Surrender to the pampering this rare experience brings you…and come out glowing!


Enjoy the silky feel of your skin – soft, smooth, radiant….energized like never before…