Insta Threadlift


Insta Threadlift An absolute break-through procedure – the latest facelift technique available is the thread contour instant lift technique. A non-surgical procedure it can wipe away a few lines, give you a perfect eye brow arch or get rid of your double chin or take care of your jowls in a matter of minutes!


A minimal invasive lunch-time procedure, it has little downtime &risk and one can resume social life immediately. Consecutive 2-3 times procedure results in lasting effect for 2 years.


As directed by Dr.Meghna


Flabby skin worsens the looks of the wrinkles. The thread contour instant lift technique can be used for the following as well: For the 30s Eyebrow lifts, forehead lift, subtle breast lift, arm lift. For the 40s Crow’s feet or laughter lines, neck (threads work well in neck tightening and getting rid of the folds on the neck, jawline), buttocks, stomach. For the 50s Drooping corners of the mouth (nasolabial folds, laughlines), hips, love handles.
It uses multiple, hair-thin needles that have fine threads dipped in bio stem cell liquid, inside them. These needles are inserted into a layer of the skin one-by-one and then pulled out together smoothly, leaving the fine thread inside the layers of your skin. This induces fibroblast and promotes collagen production and literally lifts skin. The thread is gradually absorbed into the skin.