Double Chin



PIC-20Lipodissolve injections have become an increasingly popular means to remove excess fat and involve multiple microinjections administered into the affected area over multiple treatment sessions. It is intended for only small volumes of localized fat.


The desired end result is the gradual removal of localized fat deposits. Results are visible in 3-6 weeks. Normal social life can be immediately resumed after treatment.


The Lipodissolve treatment typically involves an average of 2-4 treatment sessions spaced 4-8 weeks apart.


A non-surgical procedure that relies on injectable drugs to rid the body of undesired fat, Lipodissolverequires no anesthesia to be performed. The doctor administers numerous injections of lipodissolvein the area where excess fat is located. The drug then works with the chemicals and hormones of the patient’s body to reduce and/or eliminate the fat from around the injection sites.
No. Lipo-dissolve is not a viable means to lose weight. The ideal candidate is at a healthy weight but possesses localized fat deposits that cannot be reduced by exercise and diet. Lipo-dissolve may be successful in reducing inches but may not show any reduction in actual weight.