Acne Control Peels

skin-peelsAcne or pimples develop in the skin when the pores of the skin are blocked either by excess sebum (oil) production or by infection of the sebaceous glands of the skin surface. We at Delhi Skin Centre, believe in controlling the acne by the most innovative and non surgical technique which takes only around 30 minutes for the entire process. Dr. Meghna would first give a patch test to look for any sensitivity for this peel wherein you may have slight redness on the skin tested. After thorough cleaning of the skin with an antiseptic solution, the peel is applied over the affected parts of the area concerned and left to act for 15 minutes.

After cleaning off the peel, skin is rehydrated by an emmolient and some soft gentle skin massage. You will notice an immediate response in terms of skin softening and some smoothness in the affected area.


There will slight tingling feeling in the peel area which will settle down once the peel is cleaned off after the procedure.
You can go out in sun but after applying a sufficient layer of sun block prescribed from the dermatologist .
We recommend atleast 4-5 sessions of peel to see an appreciable response but it depend on the body part concerned and severity of acne.