cryolipolysisCryolipolysis is a medical treatment aimed at targeted destruction of fat cells.
This is a non-invasive way to cool adipose tissues thus inducing breakdown of targeted fat cells. There is no effect or damage to surrounding structures like muscles, nerves or blood vessels.

How does it work?

cryo Cryolipolysis is based on the principle that fat cells are more vulnerable to cooling as compared to the surrounding tissues. The targeted cooling process triggers the death of adipocytes (fat cells) which are subsequently digested by macrophages (body cells). The death of fat cells results in an inflammatory process in the body which peaks in around 2 weeks and at around 2-3 months the fat layer at the treated area is thinned out as lipids from fat cells are slowly released and transported by lymphatic system. This fat layer is replaced by septae which gives the skin a contoured appearance. This process is a result of controlled cell death.


Each session lasts for around 1 hour covering two treatment areas.
There would be transient local redness at the applicator site and numbness at the treatment area during the session period. No long term side effects.
The noticeable, natural looking reduction in fat and contoured appearance is visible at 2-3 months.
Generally 3 – 4 sessions are required for long lasting effects.