Bio-Energetic Massages

Bio rhythmic massageBioenergetic massage is a holistic discipline which treats body and mind as one element.

These massages wants to unblock emotions so that it gives new energy to points where it lacks.

How does these massages help our body?

Bio- Energetic massages helps to eliminate toxins and excess fluid from the body by stimulating the blood circulation. The positive effect of these massages on the lymphatic system helps in efficient immune system.


As these massages are done at specific areas of fluid accumulation like abdomen and legs, you will feel relief in fatigue and stress.
Bio-energetic massages are the most recommended massages to eliminate cellulite in the fatty tissues and hence achieving weight loss. This treatment aims at improving the elimination of toxins, aiding venous return and hence providing higher oxygen concentration to our cells.
These are done by specially trained masseur who can deliver right pressure at the pre-determined spots.
These massages are a part of the holistic approach combined with other modalities of weight management and should be repeated every 15 days for atleast 6-8 sessions.